21 Day Fix packageWhen it comes to diet programs, you will be spoiled for choice. There are literally hundreds of options on the market, unfortunately few of them offer any viable results. So what do you do in this position? There’s no point in investing in a program that won’t help you get into shape. That is where the 21 Day Fix program comes into play, giving you the chance to attain the physique that you have always dreamed of.
This program from Autumn Calabrese promises fantastic weight loss results which might seem exaggerated to some. That is why we are going to review the 21 Day Fix program below, so that you can determine for yourself if this program deserves your money and your time.
After reading the review, if you think that the 21 Day Fix is worth spending your hard-earned money on, you’ll get a link that will get you some valuable discounts and freebies from the 21 Day Fix official website. Let’s get started!

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

Workout schedule

The 21 Day Fix Program is composed of 2 separate DVDs, each with 3 workouts. Each of these workouts has been carefully designed to maximize your calorie burn, during your 30 minute workout session. The workouts are all different, with each focusing on a different part of your body. And if you are worried about the skill level needed to take part in these workouts, don’t worry; there is a modifier that lets you set the intensity of each workout so that you are always comfortable. The low intensity modifiers can be helpful if you have injuries (back or knee) that keep you from doing some of the moves.

The first 15 days of the workout involves you taking part in 1 workout per day, however, during the last week of this program you will transition into 2 workouts a day- in the morning and in the evening.

The workouts that you will participate in are as follows:

  • Total Body Fix (Cardio): This particular workout targets your whole body, and will lead to an increase in your heart rate and metabolism. In fact, this workout will boost your cardio efforts so that you can benefit from extended weight loss results.
  • Upper Fix: As you might deduce from the name, this workout exercises your upper body. This specifically means your back, arms, shoulders, abs, and chest. This workout will be great for those who want to look good in their swimsuit.
  • Lower Fix: This workout is the complete opposite of the workout above. This workout targets your lower body, meaning your thighs, glutes, and calves.
  • Pilates Fix: This workout routine is modeled after the Pilates exercise which is popular in gyms. This workout focuses on toning your torso and tightening your glutes, hips and thighs, using core strength movements.
  • Cardio Fix: As the name suggests this workout gets your heart pumping, and will put your other cardio routines to shame.
  • Yoga Fix: If you want to enhance your flexibility and tone your muscles, then this yoga workout is perfect for you.

All of these workouts are exciting, simple and have been expertly crafted to give you an efficient workout session with excellent weight loss results.

21 Day Fix Eating Plan in Details

One half of the program revolves around workouts, while the other half revolves around an eating plan. But before we go any further let me make something clear; the 21 Day Fix meal plan is not a diet. It is a simple, no-fuss eating program that uses a portion control system to help you determine how much of each food group you should consume daily.

Meal Prep
The eating plan uses color coded containers as well as a Shakeolgy Shaker Cup to help you with figuring out portion control, in turn ELIMINATING THE NEED FOR YOU TO MEASURE YOUR CALORIES and eventually making mistakes. If the food you eat fits in the container, you can eat it! Below is a list of the 21 day fix containers you will be using:

  • 8oz Green Container: For vegetables
  • 8oz Purple Container: For fruits
  • 6oz Red Container: For proteins
  • 5.3oz Yellow Container: For carbohydrates
  • 2.7oz Blue Container: For healthy fats & cheese
  • Two 2oz Orange Containers: For seeds and dressings


  • Shakeology Cup: For mixing drinks
  • Teaspoons: For nut butters, oils, and seed butters

Diet Plan Specifications:

  • The diet plan gives you a simple equation that you can use to determine your daily caloric intake (target calories). The lighter in weight you are the less calories you will be allocated on a daily basis, and vice versa. Just use the Calculator below to calculate your target calories.
    target calories

  • Once you have your target calories, then you can now see the precise number of containers that you can consume daily. There are 4 caloric levels outlined in this eating plan, & each level has a set number of containers and teaspoons depending on your target calories.

daily allowance

  • The target calories fall into a 1200-2300 range. If your target calories fall below 1200 you can round them up to an even 1200. Alternatively, if your target calories are over 2300, then you can round them down to 2300.
  • The eating plan provided by 21 Day Fix is absolutely simple. Once you know how many containers and teaspoons you should be eating per day, your only job is to fill these containers with the correct food. So if you have 4 purple containers to eat per day, fill those containers with any of the fruits allowed by the 21 Day Fix. You will be happy to know that the food list is extensive, and nearly all foods are allowed by this program. Click the image below to download a simple PDF Meal Planner to help you out organize your journey.

meal planner

  • 21 Day Fix is crazy about portions, after all, it is a portion control eating plan. The fact that a portion control system is used makes it non-restrictive. You therefore won’t feel like you are on a strict diet.
  • In a continuation from the point above, the eating plan has very few restrictions. You have the freedom to choose how to allocate containers throughout the day, allowing you to have a flexible eating schedule. It’s recommended to spread your containers out into three main meals with a couple of snacks, or if you prefer, eat six small meals at 2-hour intervals.
  • During this eating plan you can drink “coconut, almond or soy” milk, coconut water and fruit juice 3 times each week. But you should know that each time you consume one of these drinks you will be required to give up a yellow container for the day.
  • Write down your grocery list for the coming 4-5 days and stick to it. Avoid letting junk food slip into your shopping cart and buy your healthy foods according to your matching target level of calories. Click the image below to download your Grocery list planner PDF.

grocery list

  • Autumn Calabrese also urges you drink lots of water, while giving you the freedom to give into your caffeine addiction through tea and coffee.
  • The 21 Day Fix recommends that you to take an additional green container if your hunger pangs strike. This is because it is very unlikely that you will overindulge in veggies.

21 Day Fix Review Conclusion

The simplicity and freedom that shines through the 21 Day Fix program definitely makes it stand out from other programs available. This program will eliminate all of the guesswork thus promoting healthy eating, enjoyable daily workouts and an intelligent portion control system without confining you to strict and obsessional exercises and diets. I have seen the results of many people who have done this and have read of many success stories with it (see below)

Note that you can try the program for the full 21 days and in case you don’t get the results you wish, just send it back for a full refund. Autumn calabrese is convinced that you will love the results that’s why beachbody is offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Plus if you click the link below right now, you can benefit from a special offer going on the official website where you can get the Eating Plan, Restaurant guidePost Maintenance GuideDirty 30 Workout and 24/7 Online Support absolutely Free!

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